Rivers Decide 2023: DELGA BE READY, FOR YOUR MORNING HAS COME – Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

On the trip to Delga, the “Rivers Accord Guber Road Show” Train made its first stop at the Ancient Tombia kingdom.

When the train arrived, it was a joy unspeakable welcome. The people of Tombia displayed a high level of love, acceptance and as usual the believe and trust that Indeed Dumo Lulu-Briggs of the Accord in Rivers State is the Right man for the Governorship Throne, No other.

While speaking to his people (the Kalabari people) in his Kalabari dialect as a bonafide Son and pride of Kalabari Kingdom that knows the people, her culture, her tradition and terrain. The Governorship candidate of Accord, Dumo Lulu-Briggs started with a question, “Kalabari! has your morning not come?” and they responded, “It has come!” Then he continued with a follow-up, “Then it is time to get up”, he said.

“This is our time to lead! Yet, in being our time, it is a time that we shall use to work for the entire Rivers State and her people, not just Kalabari, But the entire Rivers State. That’s What we are known for; to give sacrificial service to all.

“I have heard that Tombia people are bothered about sure protection and Trans-Kalabari road, and I am saying, that, Tombia people should relax, because the magnitude of Prosperity through the development we shall unfuse, sure protection and Trans-Kalabari road will definitely be a small factor.

“We are coming to power because we are coming to work, our passion for growth having in our individual capacity grown lives and made great Destinies come to fruition (human capital development), we surely can deliver on our promises. We shall so work in Tombia that its developmental growth and success will attract foreigners to Tombia, so much so that these foreigners will begin to challenge you on legitimacy rights. That’s how successful Tombia kingdom shall become, under my watch; an envy of all.

“The Ships shall return to our seas, making Tombia a great commercial hub. You will be known for your greatness, Not forgetting that in Kalabari Kingdom, Tombia is known as pace setters. Recall, Tombia once had the Astoria Hotel, by then, there was no such Hotel in the entire Kalabari Kingdom. Therefore, Tombia that has in the past had the grace of such Business foundation in tourism, by the time we are done, rather than going to Dubai for holidays, Nigerians will rather prefer Tombia for such pleasurable holidays.

“This will inturn be reflected in all 23 LGAs of the State, expanding our economy to accommodate all of us. Making available quality jobs, quality education, quality healthcare systems, providing food on every table of every household. Adequate security, owning of individual homes and businesses.

“We shall go beyond building bridges and flyovers, Rivers people shall flourish to the buying of cars that they will use on those bridges and flyovers. The time has come for Rivers people to also Flourish, we are wealthy enough to live a life of wealth. Let’s use Rivers money on Rivers people.

“In this forthcoming Governorship election, I am not the only candidate aspiring for this office from the Kalabari extraction. But I want to ask, “amongst us all, who will you prefer to go for you? and Tombia people responded thunderously in one Voice, “Dumo Lulu-Briggs!”. Therefore, I counsel you to talk to our other candidates to stand behind me as we go to the battle field and become Victorious for the success of Rivers State. When we all come together and have a single mind, the Victory becomes sweeter and even easier for us.

“In all the LGAs we have visited, I have been genuinely accepted and emdoseed by all; Kings, Chiefs, Elders, Women and Youths. Because they know I am not sentimental in my dealings, I have in my individual capacity carried everyone along, touched lives in all 23 LGAs and beyond, even those some see as noneindigienes which I don’t see them so, But seen every resident of Rivers State as One big happy family, even those I have touched lives. As such, I will work for every Rivers man and woman, beyond Kalabari Kingdom. Therefore, they see none other but me, Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

“Like I have always stated wherever I go, because of my antecedents of Peace, Unity, Love, Prosperity, Passion for progress, Forgiving and all that, even our Governor, the Governor of Rivers State will Vote for me. Because he knows that I have the Interest of Rivers State at heart.

“I have also promised to gift my monthly salary to widows in Rivers State, because they need all the love and care in this world. It is the duty of the Government to give her people the needed solace and succor for them to live fruitfully in this constituency called World, and in this case the Rivers State part of it.

“I thank you for the great welcome, love and acceptance you have given us, God bless you”. He said.

The Team then proceded to the Degema consulate, Visited the Palace of HRH, King Fenibo Ibani, Amadabo of Ipokuma, in the Degema consulate.

The Amadabo and his Royal council gave the team a rousing welcome, acceptance and was humbled at the Visit of the Governorship candidate. Saying that, no Candidate even from the Kalabari extraction has Visited them at the Degema consulate, probably seeing them as insignificant. But that he the Governorship candidate of Accord, has deemed it fit to honor them. According to them, this gesture has humbled them, and promised him that they will respond in like manner at the polls.

In his response, the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “thank you for having me, showing me this much of love, acceptance and indeed for giving me such accolades of humility. However, seeing all men as equal is my lifestyle, even that of Ipokuma People. You’re my people as I am yours, and that’s why I have come to Honour you.

“The truth is that we are not coming to power to play politics with the lives of Rivers people, We are coming to work for Rivers people and to better the Lives of every resident of Rivers State. That is why all we are seeing is prosperity for all, that’s the whole essence of our mission, “Putting people First”.

“Again, when we come into power, we shall better the lot of Ipokuma people, especially that we shall give the Palace of the Ipokuma kingdom a more befitting face, so that the King shall have a more accomodating palace to accommodate his people when interfacing with them on important matters that will catapult the kingdom to greater heights.

“I thank you for the great acceptance, and promise not to disappoint you in the trust you have given me”, he said.

The next stop was at the Palace of H.E., HRM, King Dr Reuben Zechariah Amos (Peika vii) Onu -Onyan -Ekein of Udekama (Degema kingdom).

The team was again Graciously received by the Royal palace with all sense of joy and acceptance. Saying that the last Visit made by the team during the commissioning of the Accord secreariat at the LGA level brought great Transformation and joy to the Palace, and prayed that this Visit will bring even a greater joy and transformation to the kingdom, as they go about their “Guber Road Show” in Degema.

In his speech, the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “the last time I was here, all that the Majesty demanded for was, jobs for the teaming population of his people. That is a father. He has so many needs, But didn’t ask for anything for himself. He said to me, “When you become Governor, please, provide jobs for all of these people who are suffering, my people are suffering”. That is the true mark of a real sovereign, and in my spirit, immediately I adopted him as my father, Because you rarely can meet a King like this, a King that always think of what will happen to improve the living standard of his people.

“Today we are in this election at a time when Nigerians are saying they don’t want to hear about parties, for parties have failed them severally. Today, all they need is that individual that can help them to realize their aspirations. As a result of that, my aspiration has received endorsements from so many places. Suddenly, the party on which i am contesting this election has become a household platform, Accord. It is the only platform that is even mentioned in the Bible, for the Bible said we must do things in One Accord.

“As God will have it, it’s the first party on the ballot; when they give you your ballot paper, it is the number one on the ballot paper. Inside the Accord you will see “A”, and with the “Thumb finger” as its logo. So, you can see that God has strategically kept us at No. 1.

“In Ogoni, your Majesty, a King there said, his people will vote for me, Not because they know me, but that my antecedents (reputation) preceded me. That I will be Governor because God wants me to be Governor, Not for myself. But He wants me to be because of the Widows, the downtrodden, because of the unemployed young men and women. That God has heard the cries of these set of people, that when you become Governor, you care for those who live in the shadows of life.

“Majesty, the sort of Development we shall bring to Rivers State, is such that will make you to be proud of the son you have in me.

“Your Majesty, I am also a Chief from the Oruwari Briggs war canoe House of Abonnema, a Paramount Head, But we are one and same. Even my forebears had married from here, we are family. Obonoma and Degema are same parents. I am from Obonoma; my late grand mother was the first daughter of Ide, King of Obonoma. So, naturally this is my home.

“Majesty, whatever we are doing, we know that there were 4 major divisions in Rivers State, and each of them were designed to have City status, So, Degema by the special Grace of God in the next 4 years will be a major City. The plan is all laid out, on the 13th of this month in Port Harcourt, we will be launching our Manifesto and Minifesto, which is unprecedented in the history of politics in Nigeria and perhaps even in Africa, that a group of people will say this is their manifesto, and also say these are all the things that we shall do in Rivers State, but these are all the places in Rivers State we shall do them. So in every Local Government Area, there are the things we are trying to do, so that when you see them, you know that Yes! these are the things I expect to see, we that are in Degema in this administration of Dumo Lulu-Briggs. By the special Grace of God and with your Blessing his Majesty, we shall win the next election. Then we shall remember your admonitions, your plea, your request, that, we should provide jobs!

“They even call me Mr jobs, I have been providing jobs for people, as an individual. So, when they ask now that Dumo what do you have? I tell them, “I have jobs, jobs for the Men, jobs for the Women, jobs for the boys, jobs for the girls, jobs that will last us forevermore!”. Majesty, there will be lots of jobs to do, and your people will be grateful that they have you as a father, for you asked for there to be light upon the lives of your people, and Light came.

“Majesty, when the spokesperson spoke here, he said the last time I was here there was great joy, and that he hopes that today’s will bring a greater joy. Majesty, on that prophesy and expectation, I shall leave you with that which will bring greater joy, for I have not gone to a place without leaving joy behind, as I would to Rivers people when we take over Power. Thank you and God bless you your Majesty, and may you continue to reign in Good health”. He said.

HRH then responded with a Blessing, declaring Victory for the candidacy of Dumo Lulu-Briggs at the polls, and that he should come back with a testimony of signature developmental growth in the State.

Though it was late into the evening, yet the people of Atala in Degema stood in wait for the Revered all accepted Governorship candidate of Accord in Rivers State, Dumo Lulu-Briggs. On arrival, the team was received by the people of Atala in their great number. According to them, the lateness of the evening cannot stop them from receiving the incoming bearer of light, the light that will take away the darkness that has taken them backwards as a people. The show of love was glaring that you can almost touch it.

Reacting, the Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “I am indeed overwhelmed by your outpouring of Love for me and my team. I thank you for accepting us that we should go in this race for you, thank you so much, and we shall not take it for granted. I want you all to go and prepare to own your own homes and Businesses, for the Prosperity that will come to you will be too much for you to carry, You shall invite your friends from other States and perhaps countries to come partake of your success story.

“For this love you have sacrificed for me, I shall be back before the election, to see you. For I will have more to tell you. Thank you and God bless”, he said.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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