When I say Accord is on ground in Khana, “I no dey whine you”…

The Accord Guber-Roadshow hit Khana, and the turnout was massive. The excitement in their faces and the enthusiasm to get a Face-cap and assume the Accord Identity was pure and genuine. I saw men, women and children rushing out in their numbers to dance and chase the train through their communities. When I say Accord is on ground in Khana, “I no dey whine you”, of a truth, Khana is for Accord.

Khana is sitting on an Agro goldmine and this is because Khana is prime for mechanized farming and tourism, and these two key components can grow the economy of Rivers State if harnessed. As the Guber Roadshow made its way through the communities of Sogoh, Taabaà, Gwaraa, Kaani and many more, I saw the true blessing God has endowed the people of Khana with – massive arable lands, suitable for farm settlements and global scale agricultural development.

As we stopped by in Taabaà for a courtesy call, I was blessed; decorated with a chieftaincy apparel, and commissioned to go and lead Rivers State out of poverty, so it is okay to add to my titles MENE DUMO 1 of Khana. I am truly glad that I have roots in Khana, and my promise to Khana people is that by the time we form government, I will have to come back for another title – MENE- TAM 1 of Khana; meaning The King of Jobs, because of the rain of Jobs my administration will ensure for the people of Khana.

Bori is due to assume it’s glorified status, and being the traditional headquarters of Gokana, Khana, Oyigbo and Tai local government areas, Bori possesses urban potentials and growth pole. As such, we will embark on an urban expansion of Bori into a full metropolitan centre. Bori will surely be the centre of the massive economic activities in the region.

Considering the significance of farming in Khana, we will actively promote plantation-scale mechanized agricultural farming of oil palm, maize, yams, cassava, plantains, bananas, pineapples and other fruits, as well as non-plantation-scale commercial farming, including smaller-holder. This is how we ensure that the people of Khana thrive at what they are already good at, and in turn feed the nation and even export.

We will establish a large industrial park in Khana for the processing of fruits and the production of various fruit juices for wholesale supply to local markets, as well as for exports. We will also support the establishment of processing and preservation facilities for non-fruit farm produce, to ensure agricultural products reach the targeted end-users with minimum losses.

The Accord government under my leadership will expand the agricultural and fisheries market exchange at Kaa. In addition to crop farming, we will also promote commercial livestock and fishing, as well as the processing and preservation of the livestock and aquatic products, in addition to supporting the establishment of farm produce marketing to properly channel the available produce and avoid wastage.

In order to ensure the agricultural products reach their targeted off-takers, with minimum losses, we will connect Bori to the Green Agro Rail Line from Oyorokoto (in Andoni) through Asarama, and Bori, to the Port Harcourt to Maiduguri Rail Line at Oyigbo, to ensure that the farmers and producers in Khana have efficient access to markets through to Maiduguri and the other markets in the North.

The people of Khana are so warm and welcoming, and if you have ever visited Khana you will agree with me that it is truly a beautiful land, one that ought to be positioned for proper tourism. We will employ tourism as one of our major faucets of prosperity in the region. We will promote the development of the tourism industry around Kono Beach, and the reinforcement of cultural activities indigenous to the people of Khana.

I am sincerely grateful to the people of Khana for welcoming me in grand style and lifting my spirit. I also want to specially thank the Chiefs and the leadership of Khana for their support, blessings and prayers. I am glad you have chosen to stand by me and your daughter Princess Hilda Deedam Karikpo, my Executive Deputy Governor. I am committed to the growth of Khana, and the trajectory my administration has set for Khana will ensure massive wealth creation and prosperity.

Remember, Accord is the first party on the ballot represented by letter “A” with the thumbs up insignia.

Tell someone about Accord today,

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Vote ACCORDingly to put Rivers State on an auto-pilot of rapid development.

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