Upon the breaking of the news that Dr Dawari George, the Governorship Candidate of the Action Alliance, AA in Rivers State, has endorsed the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi in the fast-approaching presidential election. We contacted our friend and key leader in the Bridge Campaign Organisation Hon. Dason Nemieboka for confirmation. And the following dialogue was recorded.

Que: Good afternoon Sir, please could you confirm if what we just heard is true?

Ans: It depends on what you just heard.

Que: It is in the news that your campaign organisation, The Bridge Campaign Organisation of Dr Dawari George of the Action Alliance has endorsed the presidential Candidate of Labour Party, is that correct sir?

Ans: Well, yes is the simple and correct answer to your question. I will however, take the liberty of your call to ask you; do you think it is a wrong move?

 Que: Sir, I don’t think my opinion is important here. I have a duty to perform now. And I am the one who is supposed to ask the questions.

Ans: Ok, I will respect your wishes. Even when you constrained to limit your opinion, as a reporter, I am reasonably convinced by the tune of your voice to conclude that you have no problem with the endorsement.

Que: You can’t be too sure, sir. However, you are the one providing clarifications and expressing your opinion, so please let’s maintain that structure please.

Ans: Alright.

Que: Sir, can you tell us why Dawari George took that decision to endorse the presidential candidate of a rival political party, when his party has a presidential candidate?

Ans: Good question.

Firstly, Dr Dawari George, our governorship candidate didn’t take any decision to endorse Mr Peter Obi, The Bridge Campaign Organisation did.

Que. But….

Ans: Please don’t ‘but me’ yet. I want you to know that The Bridge Governorship Campaign clearly leads the pack in intellect. The Director General is a senior professor and we house some of the most cerebral minds in the Rivers political class today. That means that every action, statement or program of the Action Alliance Governorship Campaign is well thought out.

Aside from Dr Dawari’s wealth of character, goodwill, as well as elite, youth and rural followership, he is ably assisted by brilliant men and women. So, the decision is one that enjoyed robust considerations. And we are proud to say it is a decision taken by the campaign in the interest of Rivers people and all Nigerians. The decision to endorse the candidature of Mr Peter Obi is morally, socially and politically correct.

We are not seeking to get personal, but you would agree that some had opposed their party choices on the grounds or regional or religious equity. Some have accused some candidates of being not suitable on the basis of fiscal discipline or other moral standards. And we observed that Mr Obi stands on a higher moral pedestal that those.

Remember, that Dr Dawari is high on morals, adequately experienced and passionate about the welfare and progress of our people. The same things we find in Peter Obi. And so, birds of the same feather should….

Que: But Sir, your party has a presidential….

Ans: True. But what do you want from the kitchen, cooking or food?

Nigerians have realized that the vehicles are not as important as the reasons for the travels. We seek to restore the dignify of the Rivers man. Nigerians will vote for the best candidates at all levels. This is an endorsement like no other. Maybe this is a prelude to independent candidacy.

Que: Finally, where does that leave the Labour Party Governorship Candidate?

Ans: My brother, we are not talking about interparty cooperation, we are not negotiating for considerations, we are simply stating the obvious. We believe that Mr Peter Obi is the best in the presidential pack, just as Dr Dawari George is the best in the Rivers State governorship race. Therefore, voting the Labour Party candidate in the February 25th election and the Action Alliance candidate for the governorship on March 11th is the best option open to all in Rivers State.

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