As the Governorship and SHA campaigns draws nigh, the Rivers State chapter of Accord led by its Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs takes Guber Road Show Train to Okrika Waterfront, Borikiri and the Diobu areas of Port Harcourt.

On arrival at the Palace of the Amayanabo of Obumuton-Chiri, Port Harcourt, King Darrick Asechiomie the IX, it was a Glorious welcome.

The Wakrike people whose mainstay occupies the southern part of Port Harcourt and made up of 13 federating units called Amas (towns) namely, Abu-Ama, Lasia-Ama, Belema-Ama, Bia-Ama, and others, down to the Abonnema Wharf axis, Elechi beach down, all covers the Obumuton-Chiri Kingdom. According to them, the Obumuton-Chiri people are peace loving people that have always been in a great relationship with the Kalabari people and the entirety of the Ijaw nation, as such see this Visit as a SINCERITY of purpose.

The King and his Royal council while welcoming the Guber train said, in as much as the Obumuton-Chiri Kingdom is concerned, the name and person of Dumo Lulu-Briggs is well known to them, a part of them and has always answered to their call whenever the need arises, and those times have always been in out of political and election seasons. As such, they welcome the team wholeheartedly, and do so as a Family because Dumo Lulu-Briggs is family. They said.

The spokesperson of the Obumuton-Chiri Kingdom added, “Your Excellency, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, before your arrival, we have consciously taken note of all that you have done for us, and also heard of the amazing things you have done for others. Specifically that you have been doing all these not because of politics, because these things you do have always been out of the political and election seasons. Some of these are; bursaries to our students, free health Care, allowances to widows, etc. In fact recently an incident happened in our domain, and you quickly intervened. I speak of the fire incident that happened at No. 75 Bende street, that the entire building was burnt down, and you relocated about 25 victims to a hotel for a temporary stay, while you figure out how you will put a roof over their heads. Such great intervention can only come from a loving and caring heart, and on behalf of our people, we say thank you and God bless.

“The Transformer that you gave to our people at Tompiri-Ama, we have also heard, and we say thank you. All these and many good things we have heard you do, we have seen and felt these great works of yours, and we again and again say a heartfelt thank you.

“Clearly this proves that you’re a son of the soil and moving in the Right direction with us. We say welcome and feel very free at home with us, because you’re indeed at home”, they said.

In his response, the Governorship candidate of Accord, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “Majesty, I thank you and your Chiefs for giving us such a rousing welcome. There is no difference between Kalabari and Okrika, we are One. I grew up here at Captain Amangala, and went to school here at Government Comprehensive Secondary School, GCSS. So, this place, this your Kingdom produced me.

“In 2003, a group of young professionals which I was part of, chose me to run for the Guber seat. In that regard, when we went to my father, he said he wanted to know how many people that came on that day with me were from Okrika. Luckily we had 7 of them with me, and he said, “because there are 7 Okrika sons here with my son, I will allow him to contest. Because, I don’t want a situation whereby when the challenges that comes with political activities comes, there will be no one standing behind him. Because there are 7 Okrika sons here, no matter what happens, I know that 7 persons will be behind him”. He took to such believe because when he was a unionist, the Okrikans have always stood behind him. I say this because you know that I know that the Okrika man can be Trusted.

“Your Majesty, I grew up in a Rivers State where we didn’t care who was Okrika, Kalabari Ikwerre or Ogoni, We were all One big happy Rivers family. That was when we were prosperous, because Rivers State was created for the sole purpose of prosperity. We are not a homogeneous society where we are all Kalabari, Okrika, Ikwerre or Ogoni, But the thing that held us together was prosperity. So, in those days when our prosperity held all of us together, we were One big family.

So, we have come to say that we want to reintroduce our common prosperity. Because when things were nice, all that you heard when you turn on your radio was simply, “Love Rivers State or leave her alone, Don’t pull her down, think what you can do for her, engage yourself in meaningful activities, no room for gossips, Do something meaningful!”. Those were the sort of things we hear as Rivers people, we loved ourselves, parents were loving, kind, things were happening, the civil service was functional. All of us went to the same quality schoos, I attended GCSS here, the man who taught us English is an English man, still around.

“For the first time in the History of Politics in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and maybe in any part of the world, we are birthing a Manifesto and a Minifesto. The Manifesto speaks to the things that we want to do, and the Minifesto the areas we want to do them. This feat has never been achieved in Nigeria, but we are doing so for the first time in History. The whole essence of it is that we must move our GDP from a paltry $20b annually to $350b in 12 to 16 years. We will though not be in office for that long, but would have laid such foundation for exponential growth that by the time we leave, Rivers State would have been too big for those taking over to fail. In achieving this, we have decided to introduce Agriculture and Tourism, in addition, the Tech economy. Then give funding to all kinds of innovative ideas to our young ones, and give them mentorship, that they may realize their own aspirations”, he said.

The Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs then went on to reel out some areas of his Minifesto, especially as it concerns the PHALGA region of Rivers State. He further boasted that the Accord under his leadership is ready to take Rivers State to her place of great Destiny, where the Prosperity she used to enjoy will be restored, hence the introduction of the “We agenda, Prosperity for all” Vision. He added, “by the time we are done, we will not be judged by the number of bricks and mortar we have thrown around, But by the number of persons we have moved from Poverty to Prosperity, from Prosperity to yet Greater prosperity. But we can only achieve this with your prayers and blessings. If you support us and give us and put us in office, all these we shall bring to pass. For we are running this race not for ourselves, but for Rivers people, for Democracy and for Rivers State to be set as a progressive and success driven pace for the rest of Nigeria and perhaps beyond to follow”, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said.

Responding, HRM, King Darrick Asechiomie having heard from the most accepted Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs, was overwhelmed, filled with joy, and Declared overwhelming prayers and blessings upon him. Saying, go and conquer, and then come back to fulfill all the great things you have in mind for Rivers people.

The Train then proceeded to the Okrika Waterfront where the people again overwhelmingly received the train. You can almost touch the joy they expressed by the people in songs, saying, “Dumo Lulu-Briggs is the only candidate that truly loves Rivers people for purposes of progress, success and joy. He is coming to give us, Not to take from us, he has been giving us, he will continue to give us”.

While speaking, the spokesperson Rev Abam said, “We welcome you today to Okrika Waterfront, we say we welcome you today, because you have been coming here, Today isn’t a different time. You are indeed a man of your word, by the Grace of God upon you, you don’t fail or give stories, always working the talk. In addition to all the love you have shown us, you have added to it a Transformer, and today the Amatari Polo community of Okrika Waterfront has a Transformer, giving us the privilege to enjoy the comfort civilization brings. We say thank you.

“You have also promised us more, the second part of our request made to you; the first you have fulfilled, we await the second which we know you will fulfil too, we have no doubt about it, because you have done much more than that for us. But just to remind you, we also made a request of a befitting Toilet. Thank you and God bless.

“Because you have been there for us, we have also resolved as a people to be there for you on March 18, 2023, to give you a 100% support without a second thought. Indeed, you are befitting of the next Governor of Rivers State, the cap fits you outrightly.

While responding, the Accord Governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “by the special Grace of God, with your support and blessings, Prayers and Votes, when when we get into office you will begin to live like Royalties.

(Standing on the stage with the Assembly Candidate Representing Okrika constituency 2, Pastor David Dakoru) “I have the good fortune of standing on this stage with the man who also gave you a transformer, and I will add drainage to mine.

“You know, when we get into Government, by the Grace of God, the Philanthropy that we do will not stop; we will be doing as government, I will be doing as Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

“We discussed about toilets, maybe we will do that as an interim measure, because I don’t like the fact that you will live privately and go to Toilet publicly. I have been thinking about it. Because, Port Harcourt is going be a mega City, and so will everybody here live in that style. This place will be called the New European quarters.

“Even in our villages, we are trying to see how people will have toilets in their homes. So, to come to township now and begin to do toilets outside, so that our mothers will begin to line up one by one and be going to public toilet, Is very concerning. But if that’s an interim measure that we can do immediately to await the big things that are coming, then We can look at that. But I want to assure us that In this 21st century, nobody deserves to live like that. We must begin to live life, so just go and get Ready for the kind of Transformational things that we intend to do. Lives will be affected in a positive multigenerational manner.

“As God will have it, in our case we shall have no pain to share, except that we shall have tenures of sweetness and multigenerational joy. Therefore, let your PVCs be the only punishment served them, and let the Victory that will come out of it birth unspeakable joy.

“I encourage you to come out and cast your Votes, your Votes will count. Nobody can rig us, even INEC is aware that this election is an Ogbonge election, and I want to believe that they will not jeopardize it for anything. It will be one Vote for everyone; One commissioner One Vote, One permanent Secretary One Vote, One Governor One Vote,

“Krike! You know, when an Okrika man gives you his word, he keeps to it. When an Okrika man tells you he will do it for you, Go and sleep. When an Okrika man says “I go do am for you, Go and sleep”. He again told the history as advised by his father concerning the steadfastness of the Okrika man, stating how much he holds firm to their endorsement, trust and acceptance. He thanked them and promised he will never fail them.

The Train then proceeded to Elechi/Elechi down at the Diobu part of PHALGA, where residents came out in their large number, saying, “this is the Governor we need, One whom we know and is always reaching out to us, Not strangers that are heard of only after every four years, and in election season.

Mr Wariboko Ikiriko, Chairman and spokesperson of residents of Elechi/Elechi down, thanked the Governorship candidate Dumo Lulu-Briggs for his usual visit, as this is not a different visit, except that it is an election season. The Chairman promised that he will make certain the residents of Elechi/Elechi down give their support and Votes to Accord come 18th March, 2023, and having learnt from the unpleasant experience of the Presidential and National Assembly elections, they have resolved to defend their Votes with every sense of ownership, saying, a Victory for Accord and Dumo Lulu-Briggs is a Victory for them. He said.

Responding, the Governorship candidate Dumo Lulu-Briggs said, “I thank you for the trust Accorded me and my party the Accord. I assure you that, the lost prosperity of Rivers State shall be restored when we come into power. The Rivers State that used to be a place of fruitfulness, where every home is a home for every resident of Rivers State, with no gap between the Rich and the poor, where every parent is a parent to every child, every pupil/student shared the same seat and class of learning, Shall be Restored, and joy shall be felt again as it was’, Dumo Lulu-Briggs assured.

He added, “come Saturday, 18 March, 2023, take up your PVCs and with it, let us get back our lost GLORY. You can do it, I can do it, We all can do it. Let us not let this chance pass us by! He said.

Sensitizing them, he said, “Accord is the first party on the ballot, the party with the THUMBS UP logo, with a Yellow background and capital letter “A” inside the logo. That’s the party we will all Vote for, for our future, the future that holds our great destinies”, he sensitized.

Iyene Douglas
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers Accord.

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