On Saturday, March 4th, 2023, the residents of 75 Bende street in Port Harcourt were by a horrible disaster when a gas fire outbreak devastated the building, left it in a heap of rubbles and destroyed virtually all the properties and personal belongings of the occupants amongst whom were a good number of the physically challenged, who were barely managing to survive and eke out a living in the present harsh conditions acrosd the land.

Immediately news of the fire outbreak got to the ears of Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Governorship candidate of Accord, Rivers State, he promptly set aside every other engagement and went physically to see and assess the level of damage and destruction.

Rivers people will quickly recall the swift, admirable and heroic response and humanitarian mission of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs and the Accord team, to provide relief materials and offer hope and succour to the internally displaced person who became hapless and helpless victims to the floor disaster that ravaged across some parts of Rivers State, submerged many homes and rendered thousands homeless, displaced and dislocated in it’s watery wake.

Of course, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has become synonymous with unparalleled charity, philanthropy and humanitarian deeds and the victims of the fire incident at 75 Bende Street felt his ebullient presence and the humane touch of warmth, kindness and love.

Capturing the sad incident on his verified social media handles, Dumo Lulu-Briggs wrote:

Life is an unpredictable voyage. And sometimes it throws before us circumstances which will shake the foundations of our courage to keep pushing. This was the case of the residents of 75 Bendel Street in Port Harcourt town whose properties were consumed by a gas fire outbreak on Saturday 4th March, 2023.

I got called by the Chairman of the physically challenged group in Rivers State, and his case was real desolation. I was really heartbroken when I saw their situation, and this made me think about how alone these ones feel at times like this. We should be able to have a society that takes care of people who live in the shadows of life, and I am sincerely glad that I was called upon to intervene.

I look forward to setting up a government that will accommodate the aspirations of all, even the physically challenged, and the gestures I have made is proof of my position. I pray that we all stand with the physically challenged groups as I have chosen to, and we all should remain our brother’s keeper. Rivers state deserve to be one big family, its our collective responsibility to forge that state we so desire.

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