Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Governorship candidate of Accord, Rivers State has revealed his plan to transform Akuku-Toru LGA into a hub for tourism and blue economy, when he becomes the Governor of Rivers State.

This revelation was contained in a a post by Chief Lulu-Briggs on his verified social media handles, capturing the exciting road show which has become the signature campaign event of Rivers Accord, as it berthed  in Akuku-Toru LGA particularly the historic visit to Idama.

The post reads:,

The Accord Guber-Roadshow hit AKULGA today. Strutting through the Atlantic, the train covered Idama and the beautiful island of Kula all in Akuku Toru LGA.

One thing that has inspired me to continue in this race is the joyous reception we get from every community we take the ACCORD message to. I have seen the humongous potentials of AKULGA and can’t wait to see the millionaires and billionaires that will emerge from these communities by the time we start implementing our economic masterplan as a government.

The blue economy of our state holds a lot of promise for our people. I have seen the treasures of the Idama people, and the beauty of Kula, and we know the energy endowment of Soku. These communities are very underdeveloped, and the prosperity of their people will be a major concern for our government.

The resources of our dear state are trapped in the underdevelopment of our rural communities, and the spirit that animates us is the unswerving desire to lift our downtrodden populace from poverty into prosperity. 

Kula for instance, bears a lot of tourism potentials. Harnessing the beautiful scenery presented by the sea, and the huge blue economy potentials is how we transform the lives of our people in AKULGA. Our tourism belt covering our Oceania communities will position our state as the number 1 tourist destination in Nigeria.

Soku has been designed to be our energy city owing to its abundant gas reserves. Our plans when fully implemented will also include a Soku-Port Harcourt Expressway that will run through Bakana and Isaka to accommodate the spill-over effects that will be brought about by industrialisation and a boisterous Soku Energy City.

Akuku Toru will be transformed into a hub for tourism and blue economy businesses such as aquaculture, export-scale fishing, maritime investments including ports and support activities. To further connect our people to the Atlantic and reinforce inland and coastal tourism, we’ll build a road that will link Soku to the Atlantic Coast.

Our humongous plans for Akuku Toru are both deep and diverse and by God’s special grace, when you elect us into office, we’ll dedicate every minute of our time towards ensuring your lives are filled with 60 seconds of productive activities.

With every successive road show, the ACCORD campaign train deepens its grassroots presence across the nooks and crannies of Rivers State and while touring Akuku Toru LGA, the train made a brief stop at Idama.

The entrance of the ACCORD campaign train into Idama means a lot of things to the people, not excluding the nostalgic experience of having a governorship campaign train finagle its way into their island settlement for the very first time. This is without a doubt, the first step towards ensuring every part of Rivers state experiences government presence when ACCORD comes into power.

While in Idama, the ACCORD governorship candidate, Dumo Lulu-Briggs offered to pay the WAEC fees of any indigene of the place ready to further their education and also pledged 20 gallons of diesel to aid the community solve its perennial power problem which will be significantly resolved by the time ACCORD forms the next government.

At the moment, the ACCORD guber train stands out as the only campaign train that has made conscious efforts towards connecting the grassroots to its message of good governance and prosperity for all.

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