The Accord Guber Roadshow made its way into the heart of Andoni and the people poured out to catch the Accord campaign train. Andoni is so blessed. Rest assured, our plans for Andoni will eradicate poverty, ensuring the proper optimization of our lands and seas. 

Our focus is not just to create gainful employment for our 60% unemployed and underemployed youths, but also to create sustainable jobs that will outlive our possible 8 years of administration.

I asked the good people of Ịkụrụ town in Andoni LGA to get ready to become millionaires and billionaires because when we’re done in office, we don’t want to be judged by the number of bricks and mortar we’re able to build – those are basic necessities. We want to be judged by the number of households we are able to lift out of poverty into prosperity and from prosperity into yet a greater prosperity.

Andoni is at the heart of our humongous plans to expand the economy of Rivers State from a paltry $20 billion per annum to $350 billion in the next 12 – 16 years. We intend to expand the Oyorokoto Fishing Settlement into the biggest in West Africa and position the people of Andoni to take advantage of the over 200 species of fish available in our seas despite decades of environmental devastation. 

Fishing in Andoni will be done using trowlers and other mechanised, export-scale devices. We shall also set up a Green Agro Rail-line (GAR) from Asarama, this should have ordinarily started from Oyorokoto but for the mashy terrains. From Asarama our GAR will run all the way to Kaa, through Ba Ogoyi and will be terminated at Oyigbo where we ready ourselves to take advantage of the Port Harcourt – to – Maiduguri Rail-line that’s been promised us by the Federal Government. This will be done to avail us access to markets into Northern Nigeria, East and Central Africa.

As a part of our plans to take advantage of our long neglected blue economy, our Marine Surveillance Architecture (MSA) will be anchored in Andoni owing to the interconnectivity of the seas of Andoni to other water bodies in our dear state.

The last time I went to Ngo in the same Andoni, we drove through miles and miles of emptiness. I don’t think I saw a storey building in Ngo and their biggest market was like an oversized abattoir.  When you juxtapose this with the fact that just some months back we read news of an Elephant coming out of the Andoni forest, you’ll realise that the development of Andoni is trapped in the underutilisation of its resources.

Andoni will be transformed into a major tourist hub under the ACCORD led government and we shall have foreigners visit Andoni and pay to see these exotic creatures in their natural habitat. Tourism will be a major revenue earner for Rivers state and Andoni with its abundant tourism potentials and beautiful coastlines will be at the forefront.

A vote for ACCORD is not a vote for Dumo Lulu-Briggs. It is but an expression of your confidence in my ability to expand the economy of Rivers state to accommodate all your dreams and aspirations. It is a vote for all our Local Government Areas who are abundantly blessed with the most sought after natural resources but are trapped in underdevelopment owing to lengthy years of bad leadership.

My dream is to build a Rivers State where there’s so much dignity in being a Rivers man. A state where our graduates are not only sure of learning under the best conditions but are also sure of graduating in due time and landing themselves better jobs.

All of these humongous things we’ve promised can only be achieved when you vote for ACCORD – the first party on the ballot represented with a thumbs-up symbol.

Your votes shall count. 

Vote A, vote ACCORD.

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