Sometimes we get carried away with the quest to work out our victories and we forget the place of God in all things. The DLB Guber roadshow on the way to ONELGA, made a detour. I had to go back to Akinima to fulfill a promise I made to God. I had promised that I will do a thanksgiving celebration with the people of Akinima before the elections, and it was truly a divine encounter.

As the praise session went on and I danced, I felt burdens lifted, I got clarity in our purpose and I saw the hand of God working things out in our favor. I felt truly blessed when the elders and the community prayed over our mandate, and I believe that God will crown our efforts with success. I thank the people of Akinima for the fellowship, prayers and support, our victory is already here.

The Accord Guber Roadshow made its way through the communities of ONELGA and the people defied the weather to catch a glimpse of the train. I was so inspired as we drove through, as I pictured an ONELGA with jobs available for all who care to work, as businesses will spring from our development plans for the ONELGA people.

Bounded by Delta, Imo, Bayelsa, and Anambra States, as well as by Ahoada West, Ahoada East and Emohua Local Government Areas, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA), not only boasts of one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the State, but also has vast arable and fertile land for industrial and active agricultural applications. It is the domicile for the highest upstream oil and gas exploration and exploitation programmes in the State, with International Oil Companies (IOCs) such as AGIP, Shell/NPDC, and TOTAL operating mining and producing fields in the area, and contributing significantly to ONELGA’s economy.

In order to further boost economic activity in ONELGA, when we form government, we will undertake an urban enhancement of Omoku and transform it into Omoku City.

The Accord government under my administration will promote the creation of an industrial park to house modular refineries and other petrochemical activities in the area, in conjuction with development partners and investors, including the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), to help curb the proliferation of illegal bunkering activities, shield the environment from further devastation, raise the overall level of skills in light manufacturing, and provide viable employment opportunities.

Furthermore, ONELGA will directly benefit from our planned construction of a Port Harcourt outer expressway connecting Bakana, Tombia, and Emohua through Omoku, to Onitsha. This will provide ONELGA with trade and transport corridors to other economic centres.

To further expand the economy of the LGA, we will dualize the Ahoada-Egbema Road, to further create economic linkages and opportunities for the people of ONELGA.

Beyond these, we will dredge the Orashi and Omoku rivers, as well as seek the dredging of River Niger, to ensure the amelioration of the devastating effects of flood in the area, in addition to creating additional land mass, and stimulating opportunities for further maritime activities in the area through to Onitsha.

Be rest assured that our cultures too will be preserved and celebrated for tourism. We will promote the development of the tourism industry around ONELGA’s rich heritage, and support the reinforcement of socio-cultural activities indigenous to that area, including colourful festivals such as the well-known Egwu Ogba and Nchaka festivals.

I am sincerely grateful to the people of ONELGA for having us yesterday, and I am rest assured that you will stand by me on March 11.

Remember to tell someone about Accord today. Accord is the first party on the ballot represented with the thumbs-up insignia.

ACCORDingly, we’ll put Rivers state on an autopilot of rapid development.

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