I have experienced several levels of excitement from Rivers people since we started our road shows. However, the people of Abua/Odual touched my heart with their eagerness to catch and follow the Accord Guber Train. I know a lot of people feel disappointed in the electoral process, however, I saw at Abua/Odual that Rivers People still believe in their state and they are ready to walk the lengths of the road to liberation.

As the Accore Guber Train made its way through the hinterlands in Abua/Odual; I saw a lot of untapped resources that made me really sober. With the amount of wonderful natural resources in the local government area, I noticed that there are just few good internal roads, which are a bare necessity for commercial activities for any people.

Historically, the people of Abua, particularly, the people of Odual, have been marginalized, thus unfairly shielding them from the benefits of economic growth and development in the State. In particular, there is only one existing road mainly from Ahoada to Ogonokom. Most of this road is track road with a few patches of clean, tarred road. To reach Port Harcourt, residents of Abua/Odual usually drive about 35km to Ahoada, and then an additional 50km to reach Choba area.

This plight must not be allowed to continue. In this connection, we plan to construct a 2km bridge connecting Agada and Degema, thus cutting the journey to Choba to only 30km. Furthermore, we will construct a road linking Ogonokom to Degema.

In addition, we will build a road linking Abua Central to Odual, and another linking Abua Central to Kugbor, as well as a road link to Emohua. Beyond these, we will site a seafood value chain industry in a central location in Odual.

Overall, opening up Abua/Odual through our envisaged road network and road connections with other LGAs, in connection with our planned seafood value chain industry, will attract further investments in agriculture and other sectors, thus boosting job creation, stimulating broad development initiatives in Abua/Odual, and ending the marginalization of its communities.

At the heart of the many valuable resources in Abua/Odual are vibrant youths in dire need of opportunities and access to good life. Convinced by our detailed blueprint for the development of their LGA precisely and gingered by my impressive antecedents, the youths of Abua/Odual came out en masse to support me.

I thank the people of Abua/Odual for the warmth reception with which they received me I promise not to fail them.

Remember to tell someone about Accord today. Accord is the first party on the ballot represented with the thumbs-up insignia.

ACCORDingly, we’ll put Rivers state on an autopilot of rapid development.

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