I have seen the blessings of the lands of Oyigbo, massive arable lands prime for big scale farming, but bigger blessing are the people of Oyigbo. I was truly delighted seeing the people of Oyigbo come out in their numbers to catch the Accord Guber Roadshow as we made our way through the communities of Oyigbo.

The reception by the Igbo community at the steel market was very reassuring. As they pledged their solidarity and support of my candidacy and Accord; I saw a people who will not be oppressed and disregarded, I saw a people who are very essential to the growth of our economy as a state, and I am glad Oyigbo stands with Accord.

My desire for Oyigbo is simply to nudge its people to their highest potentials. I know that the people of Oyigbo are very resourceful, and given the right circumstances, tremendous value can come from the local government area. As the DLB Guber-train made its way through the communities, it became clearer to me how best to situate prosperity for all in Oyigbo local government area.

Bounded by Tai, Khana, Etche, and Obio/Akpor LGAs, as well as Abia State, Oyigbo not only boasts of large deposits of crude oil and natural gas, but also has vast arable and fertile land for industrial and active agricultural applications, as well as being a fishing hub reflecting its rich aquatic endowments.

To leverage on Oyigbo’s endowments, we will actively promote plantation-scale mechanized agricultural farming of yams, rice, cassava, and plantains, as well as non-plantation-scale commercial farming, including smaller-holder palm oil and palm kernel production.

Beyond crop farming, my administration will also support commercial livestock and fishing, as well as the processing and preservation of the livestock and aquatic products.

When we form government, we will construct a railway interchange to connect the Aba – Port Harcourt stretch to the Green Agro Line to Oyorokoto (the full stretch of the Green Agro Line is from Oyorokoto (in Andoni) through Asarama, and Bori, to the Port Harcourt-to-Maiduguri Rail Line at Oyigbo).

Due to the capacity of mechanized farming we propose in the area, there will be serious need for large scale preservation systems. We will also support the establishment of processing and preservation facilities, especially for cassava and rice, along the Green Agro Line, to ensure agricultural products reach the targeted end-users with minimum losses.

I am one person who loves to optimize opportunities, and we have seen that there is so much value to be leveraged for machines and parts, thus we will situate a Mechanic City in Oyigbo. With this in places, we will further establish metal crushing plants, scrapyards, automobile, tractor, iron markets and garages in Oyigbo, making it the 1st Mechanic City in these parts.

I understand that with all these proposed developments will come the need for proper housing for the people who will find their way to Oyigbo for commercial reasons. Therefore, we will develop massive social housing layouts, and ensure proper inter-community road networks and promote the establishment of building cooperatives.

I sincerely thank the people of Oyigbo for the excellent reception. My heart goes out to all my Accord faithfuls, and I specially thank the community chiefs and elders for their reception and prayers.

Oyigbo remember, I am one of you, and I will stand with you. I am capable of defending your votes, but that I can only do if you come out to vote and stand to protect your votes along sides me.

Remember to tell someone about Accord today. Accord is the first party on the ballot represented with the thumbs-up insignia.

ACCORDingly, we’ll put Rivers state on an autopilot of rapid development.

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