Monday, March 13, 2023, the ACCORD guber train traversed the streets of Emuohua; running through Elibrada to Oduoha, Rumuji and finally Egbeda. All of this is in a bid to take our message of prosperity to the doorsteps of Emuohua people, restore their confidence in the electoral system and nudge them to come out en-masse and cast their votes for the first party on the ballot – ACCORD – come March 18.

Our first stop was in Elibrada which also happens to be my maternal home. In Elibrada, we received a resounding welcome from the people and their chiefs who also offered prayers on our behalf because the cause we’ve embarked on is to ensure the righteous rule to the joy of the people. It’s a cause dedicated to bridging the dangerously wide gap between the rich and the poor, and in cognizance of the critical role education plays in any society’s development, I offered to pay the fees of 40 Elibrada students who will soon be sitting for their Senior Secondary Certification Examination (SSCE). The good we want to do for Rivers people will transcend the routine responsibilities of government.

In Egbeda where I was crowned an Ikwerre Chief, I also pledged to cater for the SSCE fees of an additional 100 students from the community. By God’s special grace, the government we shall form will not be judged by the number of our children who get into school, but the quality of education they shall get.

Emuohua is not just the egg-yoke of the Ikwerre ethnic nationality, but also an integral part of our plan to boost the GDP of Rivers state from a paltry 20 billion dollars to an audacious 350 billion dollar mark in the next 12 to 16 years. We’re not oblivious of the fact that the most we can spend in office is 8 years. But if the next government that will come after us possess same level of industry and drive like ours, they will hit the 350 billion dollars GDP in 12 years. However, if they don’t, they will achieve it in 16years. Our goal is to ensure Rivers State becomes too big to fail by the time we are done.

The entire exuberance of the American economy rests on the trivariate alliance among the government, the academia and the corporate world – this alliance gave birth to what all know as the Silicone Valley. We intend to set up our own Silicone Valley or Tech City in Emuohua, and will also domesticate the start-up act to provide a healthy policy framework and access to funding for our young innovators and creatives.

The African Tech Industry is projected to worth 800 billion dollars in the nearest future. And Nigeria is set to earn 50% of this revenue. By our design, Rivers State will earn 50% of Nigeria’s share from the digital economy. The next big inventions will come from Rivers State, but even if they don’t, our people will be the best positioned to take advantage of them by the time they arrive.

We also intend to set up a world-class textile factory in Emuohua to service the entire Rivers State, South-South and South-East region by taking advantage of our petrochemical industries which shall be upscaled to produce polyester – an incredible form of affordable fabric with global demand value.

Emuohua’s strategic location as a gateway to several parts of Rivers state will properly be harnessed as both the 200 kilometres bi-directional expressway and the Green Agro Rail-line which we intend to build will crisscross through Emuohua. Our goal is to transform this place into a major hub for commerce, tech and industry and the revenue we shall earn from here will be used to guarantee the prosperity of the people of this LGA.

By the time we’re done, we do not wish to be judged by the number of bricks and mortar we throw here and there – those are basic necessities. We wish to be judged by the number of families we lift out of poverty into prosperity and from prosperity into yet greater prosperity.

We can’t achieve all of these audacious and transformational goals without your votes. You’re our structure and every vote you cast for the first party on the ballot -ACCORD – on the 18th of March, takes Rivers State a step closer to her great destiny.

Vote A! Vote ACCORD!!

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