Every part of Rivers State is dear to us, and in defiance to the odds of the weather and mashy trains, the ACCORD guber train made its way into the streets of Bukuma from where we traversed into Bakana.

Bukuma is an island of 3000 unharnessed hectares of arable farmlands, large white clay deposits and an upwardly mobile population, yet they have no sign of government presence. They do not even have something as common as a jetty for boats to anchor. Imagine how it feels to live in a place where your biggest view of reality is that of a people neglected by their government.

In Bukuma and Bakana we were met with a warm embrace from a people who are tired of having no varieties in their lives save for the vanities of their leaders which they have had to endure for far too long. Our people are tired, and ACCORD is seeking to lift the artificial weights of poverty, neglect and hunger off the shoulders of our men and women.

The spirit that animates us is our desire to see development spread to all parts of Rivers State. It’s for this reason we broke our manifesto into minifestos to cater for the 23 Local Government Areas, and Bukuma and Bakana in Degema LGA are integral parts of it.

Degema will benefit from the humongous infrastructural projects we intend to carry out when elected. DELGA has internal road network problems, lack good road corridors to neighbouring LGAs of the state, and to the center from places like Bukuma, Ke, etc. ACCORD will fix it.

The 200 kilometers bi-directional expressway we intend to build from Isaka – to – Onitsha in order to reduce travel time from any part of the East into Rivers State by 3hrs and foster boisterous commercial interchange, will crisscross Degema through Bakana and Tombia. We also intend to construct the Bakana – Soku road in our bid to boost commercial activities in those areas.

As a part of our plans to open up our local communities and put Rivers State on an auto-pilot of rapid development, we will build a new city or GRA (BAKANA CITY) spanning Bakana and Isaka, and connect them to Port Harcourt via Abonnema Wharf. This also comprises the construction of a coastal link road to Elem-Ifoko through Bille and Ke.

By the time we partner with the Federal Government to open up the Onne Seaport for Cargo Import/Export Shipping activities, we will set up a Bonded Terminal in Anderekiri. And to boost economic activities around Degema and its environs, we shall construct a link road from Bakana to Anderekiri where you have the bonded terminal – clearing and forwarding activities will be taking place here. Following the rippling effect of this, a Customs and Excise post will be set up and in turn will mean more employment opportunities for Rivers people.

In 2018, the global tourism industry recorded a GDP of about 900 trillion dollars and none of this got into Rivers State despite our huge tourism potentials. We are set to remedy this by revitalising tourism especially in Degema with the upscaling of the Obuama Tourist Beach, and reinforcement of cultural activities such as the Aguri and Igugule festivals.

At the end of our government, do not judge us by the finesse of all these proposed policies, programmes and projects. We want you to judge us by the number of households we are able to lift from poverty into prosperity and from prosperity into greater prosperity.

We cannot achieve all these dreams without your vote for the first party on the ballot – ACCORD.


Together, we will take Rivers State to her place of great destiny by expanding the economy to accommodate all our dreams and aspirations.

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